official Uniform

In order to maintain moral code and standard of dress, students at Iskandhar school are required to wear a school uniform

Primary(Grades 1 to 5) Red/White striped shirts with school monogram on the left pocket, black shorts for boys and black skirt for girls.Boys should tuck the uniform neatly under the shorts and the belt must be seen. The belt should be black in colour. Red tie with black stripes should be worn by boys. Girls who wear veil should use red and should wear long sleeved shirt and trousers. Girls should use red ribbon and plait the hair if long.Activity uniform should be worn during the PE lessons. All students should wear black shoes and black socks.

Activity Uniform

The activity uniform is also a uniform of the school worn for PE lesson and for other school activities.


Short-sleeved activity T-shirt with black trousers and shoes.


Long or short-sleeved activity T-shirt with plain black pants and shoes.

Girls who wear veils can wear plain red veils with their activity uniform.