School PTA

At the beginning of every academic year school officials meet all the parents of the school to formulate the PTA association. The main purpose of this association is to help the school when necessary and to have a good relationship with the parents.

The Association is steered by a committee which is chaired by the head of the school and a vice chair person selected among the parents. The association also has 3 sub-committees. Academic Committee, Activity Committee and Health and social development Committee. Two representatives from each class is appointed to represent the classes.

Activity Committee Chair:

Ibrahim Riyaz

Academic Committee Chair:

Ali Nazim

Health & Welfare Committee Chair:

Ahmed Abeer Ismail

PTA EXCO 21/22


Hussain Saeed Mohamed

Deputy Principal:

Aminath Shahadha

Vice President:

Mariyam Rasheeda


Aminath Naeem


Ahmed Mohamed


Zuhaira Ismail

Parent Member:

Fazla Yoosuf

Asima Yoosuf

Shazra Shakir

Hawwa Shahushan

Aishath Hussain

Ahmed Fayaz

Ibrahim Athif

Mamdhooha Abdul Latheef

Fathmath Thaila

Aisthath Dhooma Adam

Teacher Member:

Zuhaira Ismail

Fathmath Hussain

Aishath Shiunee

Mariyam Ahmed

Shahula Adam

Shaziyya Mohamed

Nashid Sulaiman

Sofoora Abdul Gadir

Nishandh Hussain

Mariyam Sudha