School PrefectS


The prefect system at Iskandhar School is part of the overall programme that develops leadership and responsibility. 

Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times and provide a positive role model for other pupils.  They are appointed each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the School.

Prefects will exhibit the personal qualities that are valued at Iskandhar School, including self-discipline, leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking, politeness, helpfulness, respect and care for others.  They are reliable and responsible members of the School’s community.

Taking on responsibility

Pupils of keystage 3 and 4 apply to become a School Prefect. This involves a completion of an application form, along with their certificates of the accomplishments. Points will be given based on results and accomplishments. For those students who wish you apply for school senior posts will be followed by an open election amongst keystage 3 and 4 students. The elections will be monitored by the school PTA to ensure free and fair election. Students who get the highest scores will be selected for the posts and will take hold of the post for the whole academic year. The role of a School Prefect is wide ranging with many different responsibilities. These, and indeed the responsibilities of all prefects – School, house or junior can be distilled into:

Represent and serve the whole School community;

Represent the views of students and the wider School community appropriately and through the correct channels and structures;

Promote the School in a positive way internally to pupils and to the wider community externally;

Set the highest standards of dress, behaviour and attitude at all times.

School Prefects attend an induction day where they are given information on their roles and responsibilities and a chance to develop their understanding about, and different styles of, leadership.  This also includes practical activities where they learn how to manage teams and start to understand their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and their own individual style.


School Captain - Mariyam Dhaniya Ageel (10B2)

Deputy School Captain - Saaib Mohamed Zaheen (10S1)

Deputy School Captain -  Aminat Raniya Abdul Muthalibu (10S3)

Activities Captain - Mohamed Yaish Saamee (10S3)

Deputy Activities Captain - Ahmed Ranaan Rameez (10S1)

Deputy Activities Captain - Manal Abdul Aula (10B2)

Isdhoo House Captain

Fathimath Nabaha Khalid Abdulla

Isdhoo House Deputy Captain

Umaira Ahmed

Isdhoo House Activities Captain

Fathimath Afaaf Fayaz

Hilaalee House Captain

Ahil Ahmed Musthafa

Hilaalee  House Deputy Captain

Aayan Ahmed Inaan

Hilaalee  House Activities Captain

Mohamed Haam Nazim

Hura House Captain

Ahmed Zain Nashiz

Hura  House Deputy Captain

Aishath Naureen Hamdhee

Hura  House Activities Captain

Aishath Eashal Ali

Utheemu House Captain

Khashiu Ilham

Utheemu  House Deputy Captain

Naheek Nasrulla

Utheemu  House Activities Captain

Mohamed Dhanish Ibrahim Najmy