History of the School

Iskandhar School had its beginning in 1961 as Hameediya Montessori School. Hameediya Montessori School prepared students for primary grades, who then went on to Aminiya & Majeediyya Schools. In 1961 the school had 185 students with a staff of 6 teachers including the principal.

In 1970 the name of the school was changed from Hameediya to Naasiriyya Montessori school, With the completion of the extension to the original building, the school had 18 classes with about 588 students by 1978.

Mrs. M. Vanculumburge was the first Principal. She continued her service till 1974. We remain indebted to her for her love and dedication to the school and thank her for her service.

During this period, the name of the school changed to its present name Iskandhar School, corresponding to the name of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar Siri Kularanmeeba Mahaa Radhun.

In 1990 Iskandhar School became a full-fledged primary school with grades 1 to 5.

In the year 2000 grade 6 and 7 was introduced to the school. Later in 2010 grade 8, 9 and 10 was introduced. Since then an average of over 2000 students are nurtured and educated under this roof.