School Compound

Used for assemblies, uniform activities and for various sports activities.


Equipped with state of the art Digital TV wall and a surround sound system.

Used for assemblies, meetings and functions of the school.

Capacity: 500 seats.


With 5000+ books and with a section for a modern Digital Library.

Capacity: 64 seats.

Virtual Room

Equipped with an 80” SMART TV.

Used for special classes and meetings.

Capacity: 100 seats.

Computer Laboratory

With 34 functional computer systems with Genuine Windows along with Projector.

Capacity: 34 seats.

Science Laboratories

One with a 32 student capacity and another with a 64 student capacity. With equipment and chemicals required for science related subjects

Staff room

Have a staff room to cater 50 teachers at a time. More over 6 work stations are located in each floor for the convenience of the teachers. One of this stations are fixed with 15 computer systems for teacher to work with.